Health Care

Health care providers are faced with an increasingly complex regulatory environment, and at TRP, we have the experience and expertise to adequately assist these clients. Medical group managers and administrators are often encumbered with regulatory compliance and are not able to give enough attention to the financial management of their businesses. For these reasons we provide services including, bookkeeping, income tax planning, financial statement preparation, expense allocation, budgeting, industry comparisons, benchmarking, and other financial guidance. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate our health care clients, with the intention of working around their busy schedule.

Our Firm is a member of the Medical Group Managers Association, the North Carolina Medical Group Managers, the Fayetteville Area Medical Managers Association, and the American Red Cross. This permits us to be up-to-date on issues that affect the industry and the health care providers in our communities. We aid our clients in the search for that equilibrium between profitability and compliance. The services we provide to our medical and dental professionals go far beyond traditional accounting services. Our team understands and can interpret the financial aspects of their practices, and is able to clearly and concisely explain their financial results.

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